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I create fashion jewelry for customers who don’t want to break the bank but still want to look fashionable for everyday styles and special occasions. 

The types of materials used for the fashion jewelry I create are semi-precious stones, plated metals and glass beads that make it affordable. As I currently don’t use materials like gold, diamonds and fine gemstones, fashion jewelry can still be cared for so that it can last longer with proper care.  🌟

Some care tips to extend the longevity of your Alverstone products:

1.    Keep your jewelry dry. The metals can tarnish quickly when there is contact with moisture and liquids.
2.    To remove buildup, clean your semi precious stones using a soft toothbrush with a mixture of a little water and mild soap ensuring water does not get onto metals (if any).
3.    Pat and dry with a soft cloth.
4.    Keep jewelry out of the sunlight. Some stones can fade in colour.
5.    Store your jewelry in a tightly sealed bag to keep moisture and any air out.

Fashion jewelry is prone to tarnishing but following these steps will aid in keeping your items in good condition!

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